Features That Make
Your Store Powerful

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<span style="color:#a65bef">Features</span> That Make<br/>Your Store Powerful

The User Experience

Create positive experiences that drive customer from visit to conversion smoothly and keep them loyal to your brand.

Seamless Shopping

Simple and clear layout with intuitive function.

Easy Checkout

Integrate with payment gateway for faster transactions.

Customer Address Book

Every event at your fingertip

Order History

Instant order status checking and rewards update.

Product Management

You can sell unlimited number or types of products on your eStore.

Set your product variations with image based on products’ features.

Setup the available inventories and system will deduct by every transaction.

Organize product categories to multiple levels for quick search.

Import all new products or updates product info through a single button.

Upload up-to-10 product images for a single product.


Order Management

Speed up order processing with email, app push notifications, and system alert.

Customer will get notify when there is update on their order status.

Enable to generate a list of products based on order to assist in packing process.

Unpaid will be automatically canceled after a period to avoid on-hold inventory.


Dealership Management

Create different dealer, stockist or agent packages with customize benefits.

Customize discount rate for different dealer type for ordering.

Set exclusive products or product range for specific dealer types.

Encourage your dealers to build their team and earn sales commission.


Promotional Tools

Attract customer orders by setting discounts, free gifts, PWP, and more.

Create voucher and promo code to attract traffic and boost conversion.

Let your customer be your ambassador and promote to their social circle with some rewards.

Reward your customers for every transaction and gift redemption afterwards.

We make your contents shareable by customers across the internet.

The system is built with SEO friendly and your could easily control your SEO elements.


Business Insight

Informative dashboard to provide a quick view on operation and sales activities.

Understand the customers behavior and business progress to assist in strategy planning.

Monitor your page views and visitors number to create promotional during the most active time.

Optimize sales on the website to assist in daily operation and forecast in long-run.

Know your customers buying behavior and explore ways to increase their average spend.

Exported for further analysis in spreadsheet tool or documentation purpose.


Support and Service

Your dedicated customer service personnel to support you when you need.

We allow you to connect your own custom domain for your online marketplace website.

Enable to integrate with a third party application to assist your business operation.

We work to keep your customers' information and business data secure.


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